Wednesday, March 29, 2006

but all i wanted was a nutrageous....

never a dull moment at first chance convenience. tonight we had a full on sting operation involving two kids, most of the pelham police department, and even some collaberation from dracut's finest. so let's rewind a month or so......

*wicked cool rewind noise*

i'm a hip young sales clerk at a border store selling butts and beers to the fine denizens of southern n'ampshire and northern mass. it's a slow night. i notice a honda del sol that has been sitting out in the lot for quite some time. it doesn't worry me, it happens. then i notice some dude, obviously dressed 'undercover' standing outside the door, looking around and shit. i step out, under the guise of checking on my trash cans, and he approaches, asking me if anyone has been asking for him......i tell him no, nobody has been looking for anybody. then i go back inside. he follows in about five minutes later and grabs a water, heading for the register. he flashes a badge and says he's undercover, trying to meet someone they wanna bust. great, whatever, hang out in the lot as long as you want. the night ends with no further action. fast forward back to tonight...

*not quite as cool fast forward sound*

i'm still a hip young sales clerk at a border store selling butts and beers to the fine denizens of southern n'ampshire and northern mass. two young kids come in, guy and girl, sniff around, and end up buying like three candy bars. i think nothing of it, pelham is one stoned-ass motherfucking town, so we get munchies in all the frickin'. anyway, an hour or two later, the girl comes back in and buys yet another candy bar....this might register a little wierd to me, but again, i don't really think anything of it. she pays, heads out, and all fucking hell breaks loose. the first thing i notice is a cruiser whip into our lot, cutting across all the pumps in full persuit mode from one entrance. from the other entrance, cutting off any exit comes a k-9 unit with dog going absolutely batshit. from around behind the store a plainclothes on foot with gun drawn comes out yelling. and from across the street comes the undercover from a month earlier, this time in his cruiser. in about thirty seconds there were four cruisers blocking this chick's car in, all with the lights on, all spewing out yelling 5-0's.

i'm sitting in the store, staring out the window with no idea what the hell is going on listening to the dogs bark and the guys yell. five minutes later i see the kid and the candy bar girl in cuffs being stuffed into the backs of cruisers. in another ten minutes, there is no one in the parking lot, like nothing ever happened. just like that, two scum-ass kids get a life lesson. moral: don't eat too many candy bars, there is a daily legal limit, and the man is always watching.


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