Wednesday, March 29, 2006

cops: pelham

no, this is not about yet another sting operation, but rather a continuation of the one from the other the guy that they nabbed came into the store before the big nab, and in an odd parody of the sting operation from two weeks ago came up to the register with a gatorade and a pack of gum. wicked wierd combo, total: $1.59. except he paid with a bona fide 1957 silver certificate $1 bill, two quarters and a dime. i looked at him and knew in that instant that these brown, slightly watery eyes staring across the counter into my own were the eyes of a man about to go to jail. thats right, i knew it from his purchase, and the odd drug dealer currency...who pays in silver certificates? that's worth like six dollars. retard.

also, the undercover cop involved in luring the dealers into the sting borrowed our dustbin-on-a-stick parking lot sweepy thing and a broom to give him a reason to be hanging out in our lot. when they dropped the net (not literally a net, unfortunately) the stick part of our dustbin totally got run over by a cop car, and now bears the disfiguring curved handle to prove it. "oh, this thing? yeah, it got run over in a sting operation a couplea weeks back. no, the other one." so rad. by the way, you can't get tired of typing sting operation, no matter how many times you do it. sting operation. heh. sting operation.....


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