Wednesday, March 29, 2006

cranky old guy

looks can be decieving. places called delaney's in the middle of landlocked north conway, nh can have surprisingly good sushi. like really good. if pricey.....but then, everything is pricey nowadays.....DON'T GO spending 600 fucking dollars on a game system you don't even understand and then bitch at me because i want a sushi roll called pink-pink was good. and it had pink seaweed on it. PINK! wow.

so is there a point to what i am writing (what you are reading) at this very moment? no! not at fucking all. you just wasted the 38 seconds it took you to get this far. how do you feel about that?

back to the gaming system phenomenon. i remember my first. atari...ahhh, sweet, sweet pixelated amusement. it was a 2600. it cost $50, which was down from whatever. so to all you people (except mikey traister, who is one of The Men, if not The Man) who got a x-box 360 in time for christmas, are idiots. 600 dollars. lets repeat that. six hundred dollars. does it suck you off? i sure hope so, because good graphics can only get ME so far.....knowing microsoft though, the extra suck off feature is exaclty that. extra. meaning "pay more".

like the whole dvd player thing with the first x-box. PS2 played dvd's right out of the box. why? cause it's sony, and sony is owned by people in a country called japan, where they still believe in doing a little extra for the customer. the x-box, on the other mitt, was made by people in a country called microsoft, where they believe in FUCKING YOU SQUARELY IN THE ASS. hahahahaha....i hope that line caught your attention first and you zoomed to the bottom of this post just to read that line before reading the rest.

but back to the square ass designed a system because they could, bought all the game companies because they could, and made you pay extra for the fucking dvd player because they could. and now the new system is 600 dollars IF you want the good one...but you can buy this one for less money that memory. and guess what? in a year it will be at least half the price....there isn't more than $14 worth of actual electrical parts in there, i promise.

wtv. i just rebooted my NE fucking S. so who's in for some up up down down left right left right B A select start???? (thats two players, my man!)


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