Wednesday, March 29, 2006


this will be a short one, i just have to get this off my chest. so here goes. right now. uh...right, so those damn people....and i see this ALL OVER myspace and shit...those people wHo TyPe iN a raNdoM misHmaSh oF cAps anD lOwerCase.....what the muthafuck? really, those ten words i just typed took me longer to write than the rest of this paragraph put together AND seriously pissed me off as i was doing it. do i make this one a cap? how about this one? i dont want to have too many caps in a row, or cap the first letter in a word, cause then i'll have a brand new sentence in the middle of a pre-existing sentence. then does the other one end? or are we in a dual sentence reality at this point? obviously, said perpetrators do not give a rat's puckered ass for the laws of grammar, or we wouldnt be having this rant in the first place. ah well. sometimes i wish i was a little more dummer (hah) myself so this kinda crap wouldn't bother me. end rant.

ps- i do realize that i may make up for their seeming wanton use of the shift key by refusing to capitolize anything at all. but f'real people, this is the i-net, not an english paper. and i'm lazy. whats the excuse for keeping rhythm on your shift key?


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