Saturday, August 19, 2006

the big taste

origionally posted april 29, 2006

i figured out, finally, what my favorite little human moments on television are. though you can most commonly find them on the food network, you can also catch these moments on the travel channel, and sometimes the discovery channel.

it happens after they have been talking about preparing a dish, or discussing where to go for the best this or that, and they finally get down to it, sitting in front of a plate of whateverthefuck it is. they pause, taking in the presentation (which is impeccable), the odor (which must be exquisite), and then finally, grabbing a utensil and spooning up a bit of it, they take a bite. obviously you know it's's a television show about good food, fer fucksake. but the poor host must convey this to you: they sit there and make an exaggerated 'mmmm' sound, eyes closed, weathering the effects of an apparent micro-orgasm. then follow this quickly with a cute quip about weight gain or not ever leaving the food establisment or something, then endscene.

these moments are so deliciously awkward and forced, that they are easily my favorite momnts in television. the unflappable on-air personality of even the most chipper host/hostess is momentarilly circumvented in the one and a half second reaction to how good the food is. in these moments they are just as human, just as awkward and self-concious as the rest of us. it brings them down a notch, and that comforts know, since i am hopelessly intimidated by the success and charisma of anyone on television....or something.

but anyway, that's it. if you haven't noticed the 'big taste' moment yet, take fifteen seconds and flip to one of these channels to catch one. and really pay attention to it. there's almost no dignifid way to do it, and still convey the absolute delciosity of their meal. totally awesome.

or maybe i need a hobby.


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