Saturday, August 19, 2006

don't read this one

hi! how are you? good, good. soooo...! i've come to a realization. you'll find i'm full of them....cathartic moments where i am so stunned by the clarity of thoughts pouring into my head that i hardly seem to notice how glaringly more obvious it becomes that i am a bag of shit. here's the latest.

i need someone to give me a) a large sum of a vast i can do nothing. or b) something to do for the next thirty or forty years of my life.

i'd probably prefer the money, but i am open to careear suggestions as well, you know, and making a good go at things. my requirements are: as little physical exertion as possible, no cubicals, a cactus, and large stipends. my qualifications are: wit, charm, a tremendous immune system, and oodles of sex appeal. that's what you have to work with. now find me a job/life plan/winning lottery ticket.


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