Saturday, August 19, 2006

drive-thru ettiquet

origionally posted april 22, 2006

don't mean to be on such a tear, but i just find myself continually at odds with stupid people and their blatant disregard for any kind of basic behavioral protocal. from the clever title of this one, you can probably guess where our tirade of the day begins: drive-thru at dunkins (dunkin donuts, for all you non-massholes out there).

i was there to get my daily iced coffee, and running just about perfect to blast through the drive-thru and get to work on time. up ahead i can see the dunkins, where an enormous green suv has just turned into the drive-thru before me. whatever, this will be quick, it's drive-thru!

i roll down my window and the conversation between the driver of said suv and the squawk-box wafts in with the fine early-spring breeze. and its an order for an army. dozen donuts, coffees, bagles, the whole fucking ball of wax. i squint through the ultra-dark tint on the rear window of the thing and can just make out row after row of people. i mean this large suv is packed.

this is my only point: people, if you are just getting a coffee, by all means use the drive-thru. but if you are taking your daughter and what appears to be her entire eighth grade class to dunkin donuts, then DON'T USE THE DRIVE-THRU. please, just go inside. you'll make everyone's life easier. they have maximum amounts of transactions at bank drive-thrus exactly for meatheads like this woman and her damnable suv of preteens.

the worst part about these people is that they get all pissed off when you call them out out on their boorish behavior. then they get all smug when they spit their "snappy comeback" at you. wich is usually something very fundamentally unclever and moronic and not very snappy at all. i may have tooted my horn in displeasure, i can't be sure. but i did get her snappy comeback: "hold your horses!" believe me, lady, i have no option but to.

okay, thats all for now. sorry for being such a negative nancy, but its either blow off steam here, harmlessly blogging....or road rage. so yeah, i'll take this option, my keyboard can take the punishment.


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