Saturday, August 19, 2006

no-fault livin'

origionally posted april 21, 2006

bitching about customers is actually not something i really do that often...well, in blog format anyway. daily, and in person, i will bitch about one customer to the next, if properly provoked (and okay, only if the next customer initiates said trash talking about said previous customer) all that? no? well, the long and the short of it is that i am about to bitch about customers, or the general public...or human beings in general. since thats what customers are....human beings...ahahaha....okay, some of them barely even qualify as human.....but i digress...on to the bitching....

so there are these two customers in particular that i am thinking about as i write this bolg....and both of them happened to rear their ugly, stupid, ignorant, blame displacing heads in the very same past week. funny how things happen in pairs, unless they happen in threes, in which case its funny how things happen in threes....but in this case, there were two of them, so it's funny how things get it.

customer one:
a little backstory first. children in the retail environment have looong been my pet peeve. which sounds horrible and ogre-like, i know, but i am not alone here. think of how many stores you have seen in your life that have had a sign in it that says something to this extent: "children left unsupervised will be given a free kitten and an espresso." i've seen it, you have too. the message is simple: parents watch your fucking kids. they are young, blameless, endlessly curious souls, and when you aren't watching, they are antagonistic little snots.

in a convenience store, they are way worse than you can imagine....touching everything, pleading for anything, trying to wave a candybar in their parents face only to leave it wherever they get told "no" for the final time, etc.... and noisy. they need mute buttons. no, really.

so here is irritating customer of the week number one:
we have these little pocket knives on the counter that we sell for .99 cents. they sell well, who doesn't need something on the job to cut packing tape or whatnot? so this one mother comes in and plants herself at the counter leaning on her son who is maybe seven. pretty old, but still in constant need of supervision. but like i said, she is in direct physical contact with her son at the counter, and i am doing all the fetching for her cigarettes and lottery tickets and whateverthefuck else habits she is feeding.

nevertheless, i is me who notices her son staring at the knives, attention rapt...not her. and soon enough he starts poiting at them, fingers only milimeters away from them. "what are these?" shit like that. i say very clearly "those are knives." since mom is still without reaction. then he touches them, and is in the process of trying to open one when i point directly at him and say "don't touch those, they are knives!"

finally mom grabs his hand (after he has already put down the knife) and is like "hey, yeah, don't" then, feeling like a complete idiot (which she was), she looks at me and is like
"yeah, i heard on the news that anything in reach of children is impossable for them to not grab." long pause, she is working herself up to something... "in fact, thse shouldn't even be here, they should be there" she moves the knives back a half a foot.
"yeah, probably better that way." i say, i just want her and her idiot children out of my store.
"definately better, you should keep them there." she is heading for the door.
"yeah, either way."
almost out the door, but won't just let it drop. "no, not either way, it's..."
and whatever she was going to say there is lost because i cut her off and say what is on everyone's mind when there is some noisy child meddling in things they shouldn't with the ignorant parent right the fuck there..."ma'am, maybe you should watch your children better." for fuck's sake.

remember this part? she was leaning on her child as he reached for the knives....and suddenly it was my fault because i caught her with her pants down being a bad parent. and then i had to call her out on it because she just wouldn't let it drop. maybe the knives were in a bad spot. maybe i should have them behind the counter or something. but definately she should have been watching her kid! otherwise she shouldn't be allowed to have them out in public. keeping the knives somewhere safer is a fine argument when you have a finger to point somewhere else, like at the clerk behind the counter. but what about when he runs out unexpectedly in traffic? is it the driver's fault for having his car too close to the spot where her kid ran out into the street? or is it COMPLETELY SANE FOR HER TO EXPECT THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS TO BE MADE SAFE FOR HER AND HER OFFSPRING BECAUSE SHE CANNOT COMPREHEND THE RESPONSABILITY OF BEING A PARENT??????

unfortunately lawyers have realized that it is profitable to take her, and people like her point of view. now nobody has to take responsability for their own actions anymore. there is always somewhere to point the blame other than on the fucking idiots who hurt themselves in the first place. like the burglar who breaks into your house, cuts his hand on a knife in your kitchen and then SUES YOU. or the fucking woman who buys a hot coffee and puts it between her legs then SUES MCDONALD'S for not warning her it was hot when she burns her gennys. FUCKING HELLO! THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO YOUR ACTIONS. we used to know that, i think. they still know that in other parts of the world. here? bureaucracy (even the word itself has too many loopholes to spell correctly) and no-fault existence are king and ruler.

fuck that shit. slip on some ice and blame yourself. yeah, they could have salted, but if they didn't? you should have been prepared for that, the world does suck sometimes. you need a sign telling you not to flip over your lawnmower and poke at the blades while it's running? then good riddance to you, i say...survival of the fittest. if you're too stupid to realize that your hands will go flying off, then you damn well need to lose your hands to learn your lesson. how else can you expect to ever be a better person? how can we then expect to ever be a better society?

whatever. i guess i am done here. and congradulations to anyone who made it this far. im pretty sympathetic to alot of things, but society's coddleing of idiots will never be one of them. oh, and fuck the other customer i never got to bring up too, that's for another blog, i guess.


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